Monday, September 2, 2013

Cisco TelePresence

The View From The Classroom
We have been doing some video-conferencing with Jeff Billings, IT Director for Paradise Valley Unified School District. My students always enjoy chatting with Mr. Billings and they learn a lot from him. Along with such a wonderful resource in Mr. Billings, we also feel very lucky to have this amazing Cisco TelePresence unit in the classroom!
The View From The Other Side
We can use this powerful device to teleconference with anyone else who has a Cisco unit and soon, anyone with a computer. A huge piece of 21st century learning is authentic assessment  with experts in the field, and the TelePresence unit has the potential to open up the walls of our classroom and bring in experts. If you know anyone with these capabilities, especially at Universities, please let me know! We want a rich, authentic academic environment! The clip below shows you a snippet of one of our conversations with Mr. Billings last week.


  1. I would love to see the kids research Mr. Billings' 8 Track Tape collection. Do you think he has REO Speedwagon or is he a Fleetwood Mac kind of listener? Must they research Ford Pintos? Let's give them something to look up to! Nice work Ms. Mensing! Love to see the collaboration in action.

  2. The students did a great job! I was impressed. I am curious as to Mr. Billings' 8 tracks as well. My guess is he is more of a Van Halen kind of guy. ;)