Sunday, October 5, 2014

First Mystery Skype of the Year

This week my class participated in our first Mystery Skype of the year! 
Their Cowboy Hats Threw Us A Bit! Turns Out It Was A Spirit Day
Students were assigned roles: greeter, questioner, researcher, answerer or closer. We practiced and eagerly waited for our Mystery Class to dial in.
We asked lots of questions and used maps to try to figure out where the other class was. We knew they weren't the largest state, or the smallest state, their state did not begin with a vowel and did not border another country. We were finally ready to guess.... was our Mystery Skype Class in Nebraska?
Back To The (Virtual) Drawing Board
Nope! We continued asking questions and doing research based on the answers and eventually guessed again. 
Hooray! We Got It!
Our Mystery Skype Class was in Pennsylvania and the Skype was facilitated by Mr. Soskil, an educator I met through Twitter. Mr. Soskil blogged about this activity from his perspective too. My class had a wonderful time with this Inquiry Based lesson and we can't wait to do another one! If you are interested in doing a Mystery Skype with us please contact me! Leave a comment on this post or tweet me @MsMensing

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