Saturday, February 14, 2015

Homophones, QR Codes and Valentine's Day

Each year my class creates an interactive, 21st century Valentine card and this year was no exception!
Everyone worked with a partner using the free iPad app, Split Lens 2 to create a twin image of themselves. 
Students had a lot of fun getting creative with poses and props!
Students added a filter and text and emailed the image to themselves.
Then, they took their cloned image and uploaded it to Canva. They created a digital Valentine card using their cool double image. They saved and exported their Canva image and imported it into Google slides. Students made the slide public and created a QR Code leading to it. 
 Using Google docs, students inserted the QR Code and some text to print and physically glue to the front of their handmade Valentine card. 
We have been learning about homophones this week so I encouraged a pun using the word "two" since we had created a double image. 
Happy Valentine's Day!

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