Sunday, April 13, 2014

Build Your Wild Self Writing Project

Students Pose With the Character They Created To Represent Themselves
After a long week of testing, the class was ready for something fun and creative! 
Students Pose With Their "Wild" Characters

We went to the website Build Your Wild Self and let our imaginations go loose! The site allows you customize a person by using various human features and animal parts. It is fun and intuitive to use, allows for a lot of creativity and it's FREE! First, each student created a character to look like them, and then they created wild characters! 
When they were finished creating characters, they emailed the images to themselves. Then they went into their Google drive and began writing a story incorporating their new characters. Next week we will finish up this project by polishing up our stories and inserting the images into the document to use for illustrations.
At the very end of the day my 2nd grade students reflected on their week of standardized testing. We discussed what was easy, what was a challenge and they gave my 1st grade students advice for next year. The students took the tests very seriously and managed to work quietly at their desks for the majority of the week. I know they were bored and found the test easy, but they did a great job and we are excited to be FINISHED! The results will be mailed to your home during the summer. We took a few minutes to express our joy and excitement in the video below.

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