Monday, April 28, 2014

Diamondback Day Field Trip

Our final field trip of the year was hot and crowded but lots of fun! We spent most of the day at Salt River Fields for Diamondback Day, a special event for K-4 classrooms.
We broke off into small groups and students had opportunities to pet an alligator, a lizard and a snake, build three dimensional shapes and play a virtual reality baseball game. Some students also watched a 3D movie about ocean life!
Some students participated in homerun derby...
...while others pitched to a giant, inflatable D-Bax catcher.
Later in the day we were lucky to get shaded seats and enjoyed eating lunch while watching various shows on the field including hip-hop dancers, D-Baxter catapulting baseballs, races and a video about the science of baseball. 
Thanks again to our wonderful parent volunteers for making this day of baseball possible! 

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