Monday, January 26, 2015

App Smashing on the 100th Day of School

We celebrated the 100th day of school with App Smashing!
We started with the AgingBooth iPad app and took pictures of ourselves. 
We used the AgingBooth app to transform our current image into what we image we might look like at 100 years old. 
The results were pretty funny!
After saving our elderly images to the camera roll, students then moved on to the PicCollage app. They imported their AgingBooth image (this is where the SMASH comes in) to create a cool poster of themselves at age 100.
When the collage was completed, students then imported that image into their Google drive. They made the link to the image public, took that public link and went to to shorten it and create a QR Code. They took the QR Code image and inserted it on a Google slide, with instructions to scan.
 Finally, we took turns scanning all the QR Codes to see what our friends 
will look like in 90+ years. 
App Smashing projects are a lot of fun because they really allow students to be creative and reduces the limitations of just a single app. The use of multiple apps is a higher order thinking skill because students must follow quite a few directions and complete many steps before they are able to finalize their project. 
Importing a piece of the project from the iPad to a computer, adds another challenging layer and it is amazing to watch how easily students are able to switch back and forth between devices and apply so many skills to one project. 
My class had a great time with this project and I heard more than one student say they were going to save the image and check back when they were 100 to see how accurate AgingBooth is. 

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