Sunday, January 25, 2015

Learning Multiplication Facts

Since the start of 2015, we have been working fervently to learn and memorize the multiplication facts, zero through ten. 

In class, we realized there were really only twenty-one facts that we need to know, so we created a video about those facts.
Then we made flashcards of those twenty-one facts and quizzed each other because once we know those, we know ALL of them!
Students had a good time creating their own multiplication themed board game. When they were finished, they played the game with their classmates. 
We decided that the nines were one of the more complicated tables to learn, so we learned a few tricks about the nines. Ask your child to show you the finger trick we learned in class. 
Did you know the digits of the product of a nine factor will add up to nine? For example, 9x3=27 and 2+7=9 and 5x9=45 and 4+5=9! This works on the nines tables one through ten. 
We also determined that the sevens table was a difficult one too, so we created "cootie catchers" to practice the sevens. 
Spending time online doing math drills and playing multiplication games has helped cement these facts in our brains, too! We do a good deal of higher level, multi-step math in class and if students don't have a solid grasp of the multiplication tables, they face unnecessary challenges. These facts are information students will need to know for the rest of their academic career (at the minimum) and once they are memorized, it makes the rest of math quite a bit easier. The best way to memorize these facts is to practice, practice, practice! Flashcards,, practice tests and multiplication games are great ways to practice.
On the first day we took the test, not a single student was able to answer 100 questions correctly in three minutes or less. Just a few weeks later, eleven of our twenty-two students have finished the test scoring 100% in three-minutes or less, and are now working on much more advanced math during the daily drill. We will be drilling for another month or so, so keep practicing! 

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